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Olivia Shurdova
On Intuition | Conscious Wellbeing

Welcome to my latest blog post, this time on Intuition.

I thought I’d elaborate a little on the subject, after I was interviewed about it on 89.7 East Side Radio last week. It’s such a broad subject and worthwhile exploring from so many different angles. So for today, I’d like to talk about just a few tips and tricks. Hopefully it’s something you’ll enjoy and can make use of!

Let’s face it, deep down we all value or at least want intuition. Even if you are a hard-driven-facts kinda person. We’d all like an inner voice, a completely reliable source, that gives us the answers we need when we need them most. But how? How do we grow our relationship to it? How do we even know if it’s intuition or just an emotional reaction? Of course we all have intuition, it’s just a matter of tuning into it. If you grew up not trusting your inner voice, it may be quite a journey to return to your inner wisdom or intuition again. But may I at least say – it’s certainly an exciting journey that’s worthwhile undertaking!

Let’s look at a few ways to further develop your intuition:

Silence: The silence I’m referring to is more of a meditative silence. Meditation is of course a great way to enhance intuition, but I want to focus on silence more directly. Inner silence. Why? How are you going to notice any intuitive thought, feeling or insight if you are filled with a million different opinions about yourself, others and the world? How are you going to distinguish a strong gut feeling from a repulsion you may be feeling towards something or someone? To derive intuition in a pure sense, it’s important to de-clutter yourself from judgments and opinions, whether they relate to others or yourself. So from silence, open to whatever is within or outside of yourself, a strong voice can often make itself heard.

Nature: Spending time in nature is good for you in so many ways- and it’s fantastic to tune into your intuition as well. Following on from a ‘silence’ that is as free as possible from mental and emotional clutter, we can hear the sounds of nature, and see the beauty of it, too. Intuition is our own inner nature. If you are present and tuned in to nature outside, you can start hearing your own inner voice, feel deeper and see clearer.

Acknowledge: How often have you had a strong feeling about something but decided not to listen to it, only to regret it afterwards? Intuition becomes louder and clearer if you start listening to it, and especially if you acknowledge and then act on it. Intuition is not based on reason or experience. It’s in the moment, fresh, a ‘new’ message. Not one that your friends, or some magazine or self-help book, tells you about. It may not make sense at all at the time, but your gut feeling tells you to trust it. Acting on it and experiencing the value from it can be extremely empowering, and energising!

Let Go: Sometimes we are so caught up in problems that it seems impossible to think, feel or sense a way out of it. We are desperate for an answer and nothing seems to feel right. We are looking for signs everywhere, working on finding solutions everywhere. Sometimes the hardest, but best thing you can do is to simply LET GO. Nothing new is going to come to you if you are filled with too many ideas about what you should do. It’s usually when you remove yourself from the situation- it can be as simple as going for a walk, listening to music or just getting your mind off the subject completely- that you open yourself to receiving insight and intuition again.

It’s A Process: We can’t expect intuition to give us only the answers we want. Listening to it can certainly keep us out of trouble to an extent, and keep us tuned into our health. But often we don’t actually know where our intuition is leading us. It’s a nudge, a push in the right direction, perhaps a great learning we need to undertake- but there’s no guarantee that our ‘conscious’ mind will have all its desires met, and will be free of any suffering. It’s a process. It’s joyful to listen to it, and trust that it’ll take us on the right path, so don’t worry, wherever it leads you the journey will be all the more exciting if you’re following your intuition. ?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this newsletter and if you have any questions, just comment below and I’d be delighted to answer them for you!